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Irish Gaelic

In the Republic of Ireland are some areas defined as gaeltachtaí (Gaeltacht). These are areas where Irish is still spoken by a large proportion of the population, and a certain proportion of the Irish as a first language.
The main areas located in Connemara, including the Aran Islands in Galway, on the west coast of Donegal and the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry. There are also smaller areas such other places in the country.

Her you got the Irish Gaelic:

The green on the map is wehere that stil speak Gaelic And here is the way they speak

There are not many countries it is used in. It is just in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
And it only: 1 860 000 people using it.

Irish English

But for the most part is Ireland a english speeching country, with its very own weird Irish accent, which comes from the old times.

Here is the dialect in Republic of Ireland:

And here is some of the Traditional music:

Traditional music Traditional music Traditional music


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