This is a video of a Scotish man and a Canadian woman who tells you the difference between Scotish and Canadian.

Facts about the Scottish language

Scottish English is the result of language contact between Scots and the Standard English of England after the 17th century. The main, formal variety is called Scottish Standard English or Standard Scottish English. However, Scottish English does have some distinctive vocabulary, particularly pertaining to Scottish institutions such as the Church of Scotland, local government and the education and legal systems


There was a war between Scotland and England because England invaded their country in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

The First War began with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328.

The Second War (1332–1357) began with the English-supported invasion of Edward Balliol and the 'Disinherited' in 1332, and ended around 1357 with the signing of the Treaty of Berwick.

Important persons


King David II
King John Balliol
King Robert I the Bruce
William Wallace


King Edward I
King Edward II
King Edward III


This instrument is called Bagpipe. Its a instrument from Scotland. I think it sounds awesome.


Made by the Norwegians Elvin Brahushi and Martin Tveit

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